The ball joint of the series CSTAPR..CE presents a connector having a longer internal thread than that of the TAPR…N and TAPR …U series. Designed with a threaded location system given that the connector is grooved, it can be relubricated through a grease lubricator in the end through the pivot. This type is designed in accordance with regulation DIN 24338 – ISO 6982 for assembly on to hydraulic cylinders. The internal bearing (according ISO 12240-1 series W) is characterised by cylindrical extension on all sides so that the diameter of the bore corresponds with the width of the bearing. The body is made from C45 steel. From diameter 70mm is made from rounded cast iron. It is recommended for cylinders made in accordance with CETOP RP 58 H, DIN 24333, DIN 24336, ISO 6020/1 and ISO 6022 but it can be used also for the other types.

MATERIAL STEEL DIN 24338 - ISO 6982 - ISO 8132

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