Regardless of all warranty which may have been established between seller and customer, Contarini Leopoldo Srl products are guaranteed:

A) For operational failures due to defects in material and workmanship during normal and correct use, within 12 months from date of purchase from Contarini Leopoldo Srl. Contarini Leopoldo Srl reserves the right to determine normal and correct use.

B) In case of ascertained defects in material and workmanship, Contarini Leopoldo Srl replaces or repairs the part for free. Replaced parts are Contarini Leopoldo Srl property. Warranty is not extended to worn out seals owed to internal or external contamination or to normal use. Warranty does not apply to defects owed to oxidation.

C) Substitutive supplies are not allowed.

D) Material returning needs Contarini Leopoldo Srl written authorization.
Material must be returned free of charge, with a detailed description of remarked problems and operating conditions.

E) If the goods are to be mounted on plants or facilities which can cause damages to third parties for a value exceeding the value of the goods themselves, the buyer is responsible for the adoption of safety measures to prevent any damage. The buyer is informed that mass production involves the risk of defective pieces.

F) The warranty extends to the replacement of parts whose defects in material or construction have been ascertained. Necessary labour will not be charged if the reparation is carried out in Contarini Leopoldo Srl premises; it will not be refunded if the reparation is carried out in the customer’s premises. In the event that a product is repaired under warranty, that product shall carry the remainder of the original warranty period.

G) Under any circumstances, refunds for periods when machines are stopped are not provided for by the warranty.

H) Goods for which warranty is claimed must be kept at seller’s disposal for inspection, where the goods are or where indicated by seller.

I) Under no circumstances, no quality complaint can be called forth in court if the goods are not completely paid to seller.

L) Seller will in no way be liable in case of wrong use or storing of the supplied goods.


1) if mounting is improper

2) if operating conditions differ from what indicated in technical drawings or Contarini Leopoldo Srl catalogues

3) if parts are replaced with not original products

4) if interventions are carried out by anyone other than authorized by seller’s representatives

5) if installation is not carried out according to prescribed procedures

6) if the goods have been contaminated

7) if fault is caused by normal operating conditions

8) if terms of supply are not respected, including payments.


The use of Contarini Leopoldo Srl products is forbidden in any circumstance which is not indicated in the seller’s technical drawings or catalogues.

On demand, functional tests on the cylinders can be carried out, according to the specifications indicated in the technical documentation. Considering that it is not possible to reproduce integrally the buyer’s plant working conditions, complete fitness to use is the buyer’s liability.


The products of the present catalogue are to be installed on machines which are submitted to CEE 98/37/CE standard and subsequent modifications.

Contarini Leopoldo Srl products are not to be used on machines or plants that do not comply with the above mentioned standard.

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